Bunk Beds

Some Basics Regarding Bunk Beds

I always thought bunk beds were the way to go for small rooms or for children's rooms where you want them to share a room. Bunk beds always seemed fun and there are many different sorts of bunk beds out there. The best kind of bunk beds is the wooden ones with the edges all around them. My biggest fear of bunk beds was that I was going to fall out. I always had that fear. I don't know why. Maybe it wasn't the bunk beds; it was just because I was afraid of heights. I don't really know. Anyway, it never happened, but the edged ones make that a lot less likely anyway.

Most of the affordable bunk beds are twin sizes. They are much smaller, but for the kids that usually sleep in these affordable bunk beds, it's not a big problem. They are really great for the rooms that are smaller and you are trying to place two kids. Then you just have the biggest fight of who is going to get the top bunk. If your kids are afraid of heights, they might argue about who gets bottom bunk. Kids just argue, don't they!

So, what happens if you have a smaller child and a bigger child sharing bunk beds? This could get pretty difficult considering you might need two different sizes. That is why they have the bunk beds out now that have a twin size for the top bunk and a full size on the bottom bunk. It works really nicely. These are the bunk beds we have in our home. These have only come onto the market on the last few years but you can find them a lot more readily available now.

College always had the worst bunk beds for those people staying on campus a few years back. That is until they got new dorms. This worked out well because the bunk beds they had were really nice. The bunk beds were really a single bunk with desk space underneath the bed. The bunk beds sat higher up so a person could sit underneath the bunk if they wanted to, but this allowed much more room in a cramped space. It was nice having it like this as it gave you your own space in which college doesn't normally give you. The same is true for families with kids. I have seen one person put curtains up on the bottom bunk so their daughter felt as though she had her own little hide away. I thought that was a unique way to make the bunk bed her own private little space.

This is why more and more families are using these sorts of bunk beds. They are economical in the sense that when you don't have room they open up space. Two people can comfortably live in one room with bunk beds. We have learned this through time as my family used bunk beds even while vacationing. All of us would sleep in one room as we had two bunk beds. There was a bunk bed set for the girls and one for the boys. We used to decorate our bunk beds at home too. On the side would be all our stuffed animals and we each got to pick out our bed set. There are many good things that come about having bunk beds when you have kids. So if you are looking for a space economizer at an affordable price then this is the bed you need for those kids who just want their own space: you need bunk beds!