Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds: A Simple Guide

Most kids love and dream of sleeping in bunk beds but most of the times their parents would not permit them. It's for some safety reasons why most parents won't allow their children to sleep in elevated beds. Letting the children especially the smaller ones sleep in bunk beds usually give worries to the parents and might keep the parents sleepless. Sleeping in bunk beds is fun and at the same time comfortable for the kids. So why keep the comfort away from them by not letting them use the bunk beds?

Most of the times the bunk beds are risky for the kids especially the children who are at the stage of being hyper. But the parents can still give them the chance of sleeping in the bunk beds provided that they observe proper safety measures. You can teach your children the proper uses of the elevated bed and the safety precautions that they must follow. You can have them promise first to abide the rules and follow the precautions before you buy them their own bunk beds. The parents also have the greater responsibility in keeping the safety of their children when using the bunk bed. It is the parent's responsibility to choose the right and secured beds for their children. The following are the simple guides that the parents and the children must follow and observe to ensure safe uses of the bunk beds.

Choose the Strong and Secured Bunk Beds

The parents must see to it that they only buy the strong and quality beds for the safety of their children. The quality of the materials and assembly of the beds must be given with much attention so as not to put the safety of your children at stake. Some of the injuries in bunk beds root from the poor construction of the bed. The rails and the ladder must always be in good shape for most of the times these parts support the weights of your children when going up and down of the bed.

Use Only the Right Mattress

The thickness and the type of mattress are very important to consider especially when it will be used in bunk beds. The slippery mattresses are absolutely not permissible. Do not use very thick mattress that goes above the rails and too thin mattress. The thick mattresses might cover the rails that keep your child from rolling. The right mattress must be four inches lower than the top of the guardrails to get enough cushions and at the same time the rails can still prevent the child from rolling.

Always Use Guardrails

Some bunk beds have removable guardrails but for the safety of the user especially the children these guardrails must always be used.

Use the Bunk Bed only for Sleeping

The bunk beds must only be used for sleeping only. Playing must be done outside the room. Most children might find it fun and exciting to climb up and down the ladder of the bed and even hang on the guardrails. Parents must tell their children to avoid such acts to avoid accidents. Always tell them that you will not let them use the bunk bed anymore when they still do it.

Kids enjoy sleeping in the bunk beds or high up in the air. And letting them so also teaches them discipline through the guidelines that they have to follow with the proper and safe use of the bunk beds.